Strategies to Clean Your Liver. How Cleaning Your Liver Can Help with Weight Loss.

The culprit of your struggle to lose weight? Your liver. You may not be aware of the numerous toxins that sneak their way into your body; processed meat, refined sugars, produce contaminated with peptides and herbicides, skin and hair care products… the list goes on and on.

Our detoxification system, and mainly our livers, being in major detoxification organ, hasn’t adapted to those new toxins and get clogged up. As a result, 25% to 46%(1) of US adults have fatty liver. People with clogged liver have a harder time losing weight.(2)

In a large study of over 200 obese individuals who attended an outpatient weight management clinic at St. Vincent’s Hospital (between July 2015 and February 2019) tests were run for fatty liver and their ability to lose weight was examined. The authors concluded that overweight people are 4 times more likely to have fatty liver, which leads to decreased capability for natural, physiologic detoxification and burdened weight loss. (2)

Another 2019 study published in the Americas Association of Liver disease involving 410 participants concluded that individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease were less likely to achieve loss of body weight at 3 months intervention, compared to their participants who did not have fatty deposits in their liver. (3)

People with extra weight are 5 times more likely to have fatty liver (4) and decreased ability to lose weight. When fat is metabolized from its stores, which happens when you fast or work out, your liver converts the fat to glucose for energy (via a process called gluconeogenesis). However, when the liver is burdened, the fat continues to circulate and may again be lodged back at the fat cells. Thus the liver plays a vital role in the weight loss process by facilitating its efficiency. Cleaning the embolic house of your system, your liver, should be the first step of the weight loss process!

How Milk Thistle Can Improve Liver Function

Milk thistle is an ancient herb know to medicine for over 2000 years. It is known known as one of the best natural liver protectors know to date. Its efficacy is well studied over the years, all clinical trails to date have shown beneficial, antioxidant effect to liver cell. Nowadays, doctors recommend milk thistle and the extract silymarin for optimal liver health. Everyone who is trying to lose weight can benefit from liver detox to optimize his/ hers ability to lose weight.

Strategies of clearing your liver:

  • Start liver detox with Milk Thistle (see recommended supplement below)– use for 3 months and rest for 3 months, repeat this process for one year.
  • Remove all processed food from your diet.
  • Eat fresh fruits, preferably in season (3 servings per day)
  • Eat fresh vegetables, preferably in season (5 to 8 servings per day)
  • Substitute animal protein for plant-based protein as much as possible
  • Use water purification system (reverse osmosis is best) or use filtered water, but never tap water
  • Use natural or organic skin and hair care products
  • Use only natural house cleaning products

Milk Thistle for Liver Support

Milk Thistle has been known for centuries for its liver detoxifying properties. In fact, it is known to treat both alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver. There are number of studies showing its role in providing liver support by decreasing liver inflammation. ( 5, 6,7,8, )

Silymarin is the main flavonoid extracted from milk thistle, and improves diet induced liver damage and insulin resistance by decreasing inflammation in the liver cells (9). This suggests that milk thistle is beneficial for those looking to lose weight. Additionally, milk thistle extract helps people with type two diabetes improve their blood sugar control by increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing insulin resistance.

Benefits of Milk Thistle

  • Provides liver support and detoxification
    • Reverses damage to liver cells by free radicals and toxins
  • Helps with clearing excessive fat in the liver
  • Improves blood circulation to the liver
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Aids with healthy weight management
  • Prevents bone loss (10)
  • Improves memory, cognition and prevents Alzheimer’s disease (11)
  • Helps with elevated blood cholesterol (12)

Not all supplements are created equal. Due to poorly regulated industry some supplements are not providing high quality ingredients. In other cases the active ingredient is not what is listed on the label. Additionally, in many supplements the supportive ingredients are toxic negating the effect of the active ingredient.

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