How Much Protein Do You Need Per Day ?

Healthy, sedentary or moderately active individuals eating western diet usually meet and even exceed their protein needs. However, everyone’s protein needs are individualized based on weight, BMI, age, medical history, current condition and physical activity. For healthy individuals, (sedentary to moderately active) 0.8-1 gm protein per kilogram per day is recommended.  

The most determined faintness enthusiasts working out at  high intensity for 30 minutes or more, 3-4 times per week will benefit from supplementation of 20 gm. high biological value protein after an exercise session. This additional protein delivered right after working out will meet the increased demand ( which happens right after strenuous physical activity ) for repair and rebuild of the skeletal muscle tissue.

Adolescent athletes have increased protein requirements due to growth and skeletal muscle repair related to training. Their training and eating schedule have to be meticulously planned to ensure all of their increased needs are met.  

People who fight serious acute or chronic disease also need more protein due to the hyper-metabolic state related to disease when catabolism ( break down of body protein ) happens on an accelerated rate.

In addition, the type of protein does matter. Animal protein versus plan based protein. Amino acid are the building blocks of protein and they may vary depending on their source. The so called Branch Chain Amino Acid, which are found in both animal and plan protein, and other essential amino acid ( the ones your body needs to repair and rebuild muscle, but unable to make on its own ) are quite important.   Therefore selecting the appropriate foods and protein supplements is a key in not only staying healthy, but also during the anabolic ( rebuilding ) phase after physical activity and at times of illness, illness recovery and growth.