What Are Quick Healthy Meals and Snacks

What are some healthy meals and snacks? 

Too often friend and clients ask me what is a healthy quick meals and quick meals, I often hear “I simply don’t have time to prepare healthy / nutritious food “This is a challenge for everyone. If you want something nutritious, you have to compromise on taste. If you want something convenient, food tends to be highly processed. Not to mention a busy schedule can get in the way, making fresh produce a waste due to how quickly it spoils. Everyone’s lifestyle, eating patterns and preferences are unique, so working with a nutritionist on these issue helps, but here are simple and useful tips on how to prepare quick, yet nutritious meals and snacks:

Salads made with canned beans

If you have a can of beans (ensure BPA free), onions, and some fresh veggies (such as tomatoes, lettuce, avocado or cucumber) you can put together a quick salad in minutes. Onions contain sulfur compounds with anticancer properties and veggies will give you the so needed antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and fiber. Beans will give you high quality protein and fiber to keep you full. So it is a win, win situation; quick, easy, nutritious and filling.  

Fruit and nut butter 

Apples, berries and peanut or almond butter for example make a prefect snack or even a light dinner. As long as you keep the serving size of the nut butter under control (1-2 tablespoons) you are set with an excellent snack and most likely will be satisfied until the next meal. Remember to eat the apple with the peal, as if you don’t, you are missing on the best part, precious insoluble fiber, vitamin K, C and A. In fact, the whole apple contains between 100 to 300 times more of these nutrients competed to peeled apple.

Dehydrated foods

Dehydrated food has been a not-so-secret weapon since the prehistoric times, and is one of the most sure-fire ways to preserve food. Major advantage is the short prep time and the nutritional value they offer. Precious nutrients such as fiber, vitamin A, selenium and zinc are commonly inadequate in our diets, but are all preserved in the dehydrated food. If you’re looking to score a fully nutritious and delicious meal with a higher level of ease and convenience, it’s time to jump into the trend and swim about in the market of dehydrated soups! Here is a great example of dehydrated foods that my clients love and all I hear is great feedback for taste and satiety.

What about meals appropriate for weight loss  

I have noticed that people who are trying to loose weight are much hungrier all day long relative to those who are normal weight. Actually, this is a well-studied phenomenon; the reason why people who start out overweight have hard time keeping the weight off, is the ravaging hunger that they feel. Of course you can fight your hunger initially with a strong willpower and self-control, but eventually nature will take its course and your will give up and eat. What you eat though is quite important. Highly processed foods high in sugar and fat (such as potatoes chips or cookies / pastries) will only give you very short window of satiety and predispose your taste buds and cravings for more junk food. If you however, reach out for something healthy high in fiber, micronutrients and healthy fats such as nuts seeds, veggies and fruits, you will set the stage for more good nourishment to be desired.